I don’t build walls, I bang ‘em
— Harvey Wallbanger


What it is pretty people? What? It? Is?

My name is Harvey Wallbanger and I’m running for president. Now I’m fully aware that it’s May and that this announcement comes pretty late in the game but honestly…who shows up to a party on time? Not someone you want to vote for that’s for sure. Besides, they’re some serious cheese weasels out there campaigning for office and I figured…what the hay? I might as well jump into this Freaky-Deaky race and see what’s what. Dig what I’m saying? 

Let me lay it on you like this cool dudes and dudettes. I love my country. I love this big groovy place we call the U.S of A-Okay. But right now in 2016 I don’t think we are okay. I think we’re totally bummed out man. Like, we’re not in a cool, happy place. Good thing “cool happy place” was the nickname the late great David Carradine gave to me on a spirit walk in the desert. He was a heavy dude. If you, gnarly and awesome people elect me to be your president I promise to bring America to its cool and happy place. A promised land of chill. Which I’ve come to understand that is pretty close to a promised land called Netflix.

Now I know I may come across as old fashioned and I may dress and talk a little jive for the squares out there but let me assure you that I’m just like you. Someone who wants to have a good time. I care about that so much I’m willing to fight for your right to have a good time. I believe it’s every American’s fundamental right not to be bummed out man. I’m a member of a party that accepts EVERYONE. Cause a party that excludes is a party that’s rude and that’s not me baby.  So…

Vote for me, Harvey Wallbanger; Let’s make America Chill again.

Peace, love and soul.


Party Like Harvey

Harvey Wallbanger heard that both Democrats and Republicans, have parties, so without hesitation he has joined the election extravaganza. Vote for Harvey by raising a glass with his namesake cocktail!

1 oz Vodka
0.5 oz Galliano
4 oz Orange Juice
Build over ice & stir



Volunteer for the Campaign

Step 1: Enter room. 

Step 2: Impress.

Step 3: Party.


Someone said I don’t have enough “super delicates” to win the race… I’m confused. I’m only supposed to have two, right? 3 would be weird.
— Harvey Wallbanger